Project Tango Field Test 1 Adjust Scale

We are in the process of creating an immersive videogame that can help show how Project Tango can be applied and appeal to consumers. We went to SIMON mall to field test Project Tango for the first time. It gave us the space we needed and kept us out of this cold weather we’re having here.

Technology used:

This Augmented Reality project was built in UNITY for the Project Tango device and the environment design is in Modo.

What internal prep we did in the office before going out.

As we prepared for going out into the field, the first thing we did was build a few demos with different scale ratios. We wanted to get a feel for the physical and visual space in both the real world and the project tango. For the models, we wanted to keep things as raw as possible with basic lights, geometries etc. The idea is to run prototype after prototype and see how the hardware and software hold up. In our experience, each new sdk update has had its ups and downs so we find ourselves learning with each build.

Issues we had during the field test:

How we are adjusting it.

The first 3 items we really don’t have a ton of control over, over the months the battery life and usage levels have varied but have been getting batter. There are a few items that can help though, first is the Location Mode, currently there are 3 versions.

  1. Device Only -0 which uses GPS only
  2. Battery Saving – that uses WiFi and mobile networks to determine positioning
  3. High Accuracy –  that uses all three.

Our scale felt ok but, we can shorten the trip by balancing the world scale by another 12%-17%