Create Steam in Unity 3D with Shuriken Particles

Unity 3D is more than just a 3d game development engine, you can create rich interactiveexperiencesgeared towards your targetaudience. I will show you how to apply the same principles of game development to create steam within a bathroom.

In this video you will learn some great tips & tricks on how to leverage Unity 3D, Photoshop and Autodesk Maya to create steam in a modern bathroom shower. I'll cover a range of topics including.

  1. Theimportanceof naming meshes in Maya
  2. How to use Photoshop layers to quickly change your steam texture
  3. Introduction toShuriken Particle system
  4. How to correctly apply particle shader to a Shuriken Particle system
  5. Modifyingyour particle system to get the look and feel of steam.

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