Substance Designer 4 Exporting to Unity 3D A lesson in Output Size

When using the new Substance Designer 4, we noticed something odd happening to our substances. Once imported they would look fairly pixelatedwhich made this reallydifficultto understand,becauseitlooked good in SD4. Afterdebuggingfor a number of hours we found out the problem was related to our output size.

The Problem:

If you look closely in the image, you can see there’s a number of big block splotches all over the fire extinguisher. We tried everything, changing the compression to raw, setting the output size to 2K even went as far as 4K and still wecouldn’tshake those blocks.

Substance Designer Error

After changing the settings we tried to debug our material. For this mesh we are using marmoset skyshop which we know is the best in the market. After changing between mobile and regular shadders we concluded that it wan’t the material so we left Unity 3D and headed back to SD4. Here is our settings, everything looks normal right, so what went wrong?

The Answer:

Something we highly recommend is a fluid testing workflow. When we first started the red paint blend graph process, we actually took itto unity as a simple graph. Everything worked fine, but when we imported it into another graph the texture was off. And that we because our child graph was set to be relative to parent, however it’s width and height output in the original graph was set to 2 which made it double the size of the parent when imported. So we set the original red paint output graph to 0 and it worked fine. Thenwe went back into Substance Designer 4, set our final graph output to be 0 and finally it worked correctly.

Substance Designer correct

Our Take

Substance Designer 4 is a great tool, but like any tool it’s important that you learn how to use it inside out. In our case,becausewedidn’twait to finalize the texture we were able to find,assess, debug and solve a problem that would have been a major pain later on.