Modo Quick Tips

2 #ModoTips a week for February was a Success! March is here and we’ll continue with “1 TIP a WEEK 4 March”

We love using Modo because it’s powerful, easy to use, and artist friendly! Check out the tips from our resident expert @eabelard and follow us on Twitter @Passion47 to get updated when we release more.

Tip #9 Absolute Scaling with 801 Precision Tools

Subject: Modeling

When it comes to exact measurements the new precision tool Absolute Scaling will give you everything you need to get the current mesh size and choose to either scale uniformly or explicitly. To get started go to the basic tab > Snaps and Precision > Commands > Absolute Scaling. Using the Grab Size button to grab the current size is a great place to start, then choose our scale more.


Tip #8 Align Workplane To Selection

Subject: Modeling


One of the features that really pushed us in the direction of adopting Modo, was the ability to change the default work plane from 0,0,0 to aligning with your selection. This allows for generating new meshes that will always maintain the same angle as your selection, perfect for when you need to flush objects at an angle.

Tip #7 Freezing Geometry

Subject: Sculpting

Passion 47 Modo Tip Freeze Geo

When sculpting in Modo, you have the ability to quickly increase and decrease the amount of resolution a mesh has based on the MultiRes level. To keep that mesh in its current state to share or export you will have to bake that information to the geometry . To do so go to Geometry > Freeze.

Tip #6 Instances to Mesh

Subject: Modeling

Passion 47 Modo Tips instanceToMesh2

Instances provide a great deal of flexibility for working with duplicates, but what happens when you’re happy with the duplicates and want to edit them as originals. Start by selecting the instances you want to convert and in the properties tab find the section labeled  “Mesh Instances” and click on “Convert to Mesh”. Now your instance in a regular mesh. 

Tip #5 Instances and Duplicates

Subject: Modeling

Modo tip instances

When you’re working on a scene and need to duplicate meshes, try using an instance instead of a straight duplication. Instances are copies of the original and any changes to the original are made to the instances. You can find instance functions in the duplication tab by holding down alt.

Tip #4 Modo Preset Materials

Subject: Rendering


Getting the right combination of settings to get the perfect material can be time-consuming. Using the shortcut F6 opens Modo’s preset window where you can choose from hundreds of materials from metal to fur. Great starting place for any project large or small.

Tip #3 Copy and Paste

Subject: Modeling

Modo offers a quick and easy way to copy and paste parts of your mesh to other mesh containers. Using the shortcut  Control/Command + C to copy and Control/Command + V to paste;

Tip #2 Element Move

Subject: Modeling

Modo Element Move

When you need to model fast switching between vertices, edges and polygons just take too much time. Try using Element Mode, shortcut T or in the deform tab. Now you can hover over any component(vertices, edges or polygons) and quickly move them around. Who says ZBrush has to have all of the fun!

Tip #1: Simulating Ambient Occlusion without rendering.

Subject: Rendering


There is no better way to simulate realism in 3d then ambient occlusion. But what if you don’t have time to keep baking the AO map? Simply go to the shader tree find your material and Click Add Layer > Processing > Occlusion. Now you have a real time ambient occlusion.