Engage people through digital storytelling!

Effective interactions make customers invest because it brings value to your business, products and services! This happens when you are honestly telling your story and engaging them organically.

It is amazing how going into the community and making sure you have a diverse ecology of resources can really help to further your current objectives, but also become aware of what is going on around you. Yes, this may sound cliche; but let me explain a little more about my experience tonight.

At ArtEdTech NYC (Based around the conversation of Arts, Education and integration and intersection of technology.) the topic was “Digital Storytelling” which really sparked my interest! We all no matter what industry we are in connect with customers or clients and have them invest in us by how well WE tell our stories. Storytelling is how people have an emotional reaction to your brand. The integration of digital storytelling and keeping a consistent persona is integral to being honest. This leads to people finding your conversations with them real; in which they can relate and invest in working with you or buying your products, trusting you with their needs. But to really gain and retain them you can't just interact with them but you must ENGAGE them. Its about how you interact while telling your story; are the touch points relevant, or are they additional white noise that blurs the value?

The Presentation:

There are alot of resources out there to be integrated into the classroom as supportive learning. Students are adapt at devices and tend to be on them an average of 10 hours a day between multiple devices. So as education continues to evolve we find ourselves integrating new innovative way of reaching and teaching our children. The following presenters focused on this.

Mark W. Guay http://markwguay.com spoke about transforming education and the unique look at what education can become. His main focus is digital literacy and moving beyond reading and writing. It is moving through and critically analysing video audio and other digital means… the ability to express yourself. The interpretation of what is being said, what stereotypes are being portrayed, what normalcy is being taught through the image; its teaching them to understanding the digital rhetoric. It is what they do anyway, but making them aware of it allows them to be empowered and literate. We all wired to tell stories; we have the means to do so with the smart phones and tablets readily available.

How it applies:

We are all wired! The term multi- platform/ cross- platform comes flashing in my head as I really think about what this means. Various forms of technology can be used to tell stories. Digital technologies are inherently interdisciplinary to engage people by having them produce interest driven responses. This can lead back to are you relevant… do they understand the digital rhetoric that is displayed openly and subconsciously? Everyone can give a response at the touch of a button but are you cutting through the noise and providing the necessary content to the right people. Focus your campaigns and give them depth. That way you can engage your target but leave opportunity to those who are still discovering.

Project Ed https://www.projected.com/ presented by Girush Gupta spoke about:

A platform that motivates and inspires young people to tell stories and teach something while doing it. Putting the power in the hands of young people to teach a subject. How people consume media is participator because we now have the tools at our fingertips. Its about the opportunity to personalize and engage with media; show us how you live a part of your everyday life. want technology used as a creative and engaging tool. Make moments of learning unforgettable, something that they can recall in the memory later.

How it applies:

Its not about teaching everything through these means. It is about substituting the lessons with things that can engage at different levels to help the student learn. Whether you are a teacher, or in the corporate world we can at times struggle to get people to follow concepts or be able to execute directives and agendas. This is a great concept and one that I will be asking myself and others at work and in my classroom… “How and Where are you engaging them?. Its about striking the Passion in each of us to dive deeper into learning and applying.

Sandra Htyte from WNYC’s Radio Rookies

Working with students to speak professionally about issues that affect them on a personal level. Teaching them the honesty of journalism and the balance of emotions. Journalism is honest storytelling; they have to keep eye contact to have their audience feel engaged. They will not just learn the smaller skills but tell their stories. Stories that people can learn from means the student has to be more honest and real; then a broader audience can relate to them.

How it applies:

This is what is important for every person trying to influence a brand. Tell real stories that people can relate to. Be honest with our consumers. Let them know who you are, what makes you tick?, how can you help them? what is the value added? What is the point of difference?. Give them the story behind you; get them to invest in you because they trust your brand and products and services. This presentation really summed up why exactly this was the ideal place to be tonight. It is how we tell our stories whether from a Radio Rookie or as influencers who develop brands.

ENGAGE them with what is pertinent.