Becoming the new Renaissance!

Through my life I have learned that the only way to keep moving forward is to continually work on yourself. For the purposes of this post i’m going to keep it to just professional development.

In our office a few years ago Edithson Abelard started using the term “renaissance man/woman” when referring to someone who has taken the time to master multiple disciplines; not just in our industry, but those that can indirectly affect the thought process. The Renaissance is an influence that was felt in literature, philosophy, art, music, politics, science, religion, and other aspects of intellectual inquiry. Many people of this period were devouring information on many topics and their work showed a well rounded and better understanding of the world surrounding them.

Executing your Personal Development.

This has been a thought process that has always stuck with me through the years.Simply because i’m always looking for inspiration that can indirectly relate to how I design, plan, interact and engage! Each of us will have a different path depending on what we choose to learn about. I like architecture, interior design, fashion, furniture design, jewelry design, history, strategy, culture studies… and this list can go on and on but you will see why I have mentioned these. Some of this might make sense to you, and some might not. We all have different ways of connecting the dots. But these categories affect my thinking and how I perform. Some examples are:

Apply the Renaissance thought process.

I do this because I feel that it makes my decisions better informed. It produces a comprehensive plan for us and our clients. When you can combine marketing, design, strategy, behavioral economics, consumer behavior with economics and financial planning it can “forward think” your clients business. You are not just giving them the ONE solution that only addresses what is needed currently. You can adjust for the need to expand or add and understand what is necessary to do so. This is a massive benefit to them, and one of the reasons that were an elite team and have the clients we do.

The Renaissance thought process is also about getting around like minded people. Don’t just read about the disciplines you extend into; get around those who live and breathe them! Passion inspires passion.

Make moves on the chessboard!

Renaissance actions are about strategy. Know where you have come from, where you are, and where you are going; at all times. As you start to get a grasp of multiple disciplines it becomes easier to see the signs. Such as invest, get out now, move forward, hold your pattern, increase marketing or content, etc. If you don’t have a strategy for yourself professionally, your company and your clients then you will be the one standing there with an empty basket when the time comes.

Everyday business foundations.

They are necessary for whatever field you choose. You need to understand the basics in order to apply them in your position, and to those who you support and oversee.

  1. Know when you need to evolve. Stay fresh and relevant to your organization.
  2. Find the innovators and ride the information coat tails before its common practice: AKA getting in on the ground floor. It gives you the ability to be the “go to” person in your organization. If you can think through the options out in the market, and see where there needs to be improvement; then you can either monetize that idea and come up with the solution.
  3. Know how to spot a sinking ship, so you can decide whether its a good position for you, or a good project to take.

Find your Passion and Engage on it!

Why would you put all this time into something in which you can’t get passionate about?There are topics that are necessary as foundations or supporting satellite disciplines that may not be interesting. But if you can’t drill through these and master them you can never truly perpetuate greatness for yourself!